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Oh Taste and See that the LORD is good

Hey Neighbors,

I am going to put up a bunch of links to helpful books that you can use on the Daniel Fast.  Remember, don’t get all hung up on the fasting part of this 52 day Call to the Wall!  If you are going about your day on one of these days and all of a sudden you realize that you absentmindedly popped something into your mouth that is not on the fast, just stop and tell the Lord you’re sorry and don’t let the old snake of this world beat you up about it.  (Trust me, he will try to convince you that you might as well quit altogether because you just blew it.  Ignore him.  The opinion of the snake does not count.  God is looking at your HEART)

Ok, with that disclaimer, I am going to write a little list here which is taken from the book called The Daniel Fast, written by Susan Gregory. The official Daniel Fast website for this book is daniel-fast.com/index.html where you can find downloadable copies of her book as well as tons of helpful information and recipes from her blog. She says, “All Fruits, All Grains, All nuts and seeds, All legumes, All quality oils, Water, Soy foods (she includes tofu, and TVP), Condiments and cooking ingredients such as salt, soynnaise, spices, vanilla, mustard, fruit juices and vegetable broth.  (pg. 99-100)

Foods to restrict:  All meat and animal products, All dairy products, All sweeteners, All leavened bread, All refined and processed food products, All deep-fried foods, All solid fats and all nonwater beverages. (pg 101)

Here’s my own plan:  I do use real eggs in recipes (not egg substitutes).  If a recipe calls for sweetener, I use real sugar rather than sugar substitutes.  I try to use the most whole and natural form of these things as possible. I also try to avoid foods that call for either of these but there are times when a recipe does call for a small amount of them in the form of a “substitute” and I always use REAL.  I do use butter, not margarine.  I do use Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.  We will be using a lot of recipes from the Forks over Knives and the Hungry for Change website.  (My disclaimer is that these are all resources.  There may be recipes in these books that are not really on the fast.  Ask the Holy Spirit if in doubt.  If your conscience is not condemning you, then make it.  There may be things that the Holy Spirit will give you a little check in your spirit on going in the other direction as well.  There may be a day on this journey when the Holy Spirit tells you to eat some protein and you will do that.  I am not giving you hard and fast rules because I have fasted regularly since 2003 and there are some times when the Holy Spirit gives me a nudge to do something and I have learned to listen.  What I know is that He NEVER has told me to eat junk food on the fast.  He has NEVER told me to give up completely.  There have been some times when I have been invited to a really important function and it would have been totally inappropriate for me to force a fast in that situation. The Holy Spirit told me to eat what was served and to pray continually throughout the meal, dedicating that food to God.  He told me to immediately resume the fast following that isolated situation.  In that situation I did not have the desert and tried to push the stuff that was served that was not on the fast, around on my plate as much as possible and make the affair more about visiting than about eating.  Fasting is about listening as well as praying.  Talk to GOD and HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH).

Some of my life savers on a Daniel Fast are vegetable soup (I like the Progresso Southwestern Vegetable soup best), eggplant parmesan (without the parmesan – ha ha); Almond milk, rice milk, soy milk and cereal, steam-fresh vegetables, baked potatoes (yes, white or sweet) in the microwave, corn and beans, rice – especially made with vegetable broth instead of water, fresh fruit, spinach based smoothies and Ezekiel bread.  (Susan Gregory says not to have Ezekiel bread but I just recently got her book and on the Daniel Fasts I have done previously, this has been a tremendous help).  I have read recently that collard greens have the highest amount of protein, so if you are really having a tough fasting day, try to get some collards in your diet.  Kale also packs a lot more bang for it’s buck than most greens.  I love frozen mango in a spinach smoothie.  Sam’s Club sells a huge bag of diced, frozen mango for a pretty reasonable fee.  They also have frozen strawberries and frozen mixed berries.  Trader Joe’s has wonderful frozen pineapple and a fabulous vegan-burger.  The California vegan “burger” is the best in Abbey’s and my opinion.  We love to make potato soup (I’ll try to get the recipe up soon) and Abbey freezes it in muffin cups, pops them out and puts them into baggies.  THIS IS GREAT!  It is quick when you are STARVING and the recipe we use has no milk or dairy in it.  We also love the vegetarian Lasagna recipe from the Engine 2 Diet cookbook.  It is a bit on the time consuming side because you have some stuff you need to pre-cook before you can put it together.  But it makes an ENORMOUS pan of it so we make it, cool it and cut it into cubes and then freeze those.  Again, we take them out of the pan and put them in baggies.  Another wonderful food that can be quick is dehydrated fruit.  (I do dehydrate my own).  A baggie of apples or peach slices can also be a lifesaver. I also have had real corn chips (I love Trader Joe’s brand) that have just corn and maybe some sea salt with salsa.  Ask the Holy Spirit about that one too.  Some of the fasts I have done He has said, “no” to that but usually the longer Daniel fasts I have done, He has said it is ok.

Here are some more links that may be good resources:

Vegan Recipes OhSheGlows.com. Not a site for theology but some great tasting recipes that are nutritionally sound.

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

Greater Health God’s Way


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  • Christina

    This way of eating is more of a way of life for me, rather than a fast. I was just asked yesterday, “So, you just eat salad all the time?” No way! Actually, I hardly ever eat salad. There are so many delicious, healthy recipes on all of the websites you recommended, and I have discovered some amazing new foods that I never would have had a reason to try before. Once I got over the initial shock of giving up my old ways, I realized I actually feel better than ever, and I never want to go back. When I eat food as God intended, I feel more connected to Him. Thank you for reminding me to take the time to commune with God daily to nourish my soul as well as my body.

    September 20, 2012
    • Denise W

      You are way ahead of us on this Christina! Thanks for reminding us that we are not alone in this battle and that we are all walking it out together! God is working HIS “magic” in all of our lives on a daily basis! This is just another reminder to commit our struggles to the only ONE who is worthy! :)

      September 22, 2012
  • Katie

    My husband and I are 9 days into our 21 day Daniel Fast. I thought we could not have eggs. You say you cook with real eggs and butter. Please let me know if this is correct.

    Thank you,

    February 13, 2014
    • Vicki F

      Katie, I apologize for just now seeing this comment! I will clarify for you the “grace-approach” to Daniel Fasting. For some folks, a Daniel Fast is the second of Daniel’s fasts where he did not eat any savory foods. This is interpreted to mean that he ate fruits, vegetables, grains and most probably eggs. For this reason, we have some recipies that are like this. I hope that your Daniel fast went well and thank you so much for your comment!

      March 1, 2014

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