Praying the Attributes of God

Fret Free Friday is all about praying the adoration attributes of God. This list is a good way to start. Pray down the Adoration Names of God List as you ask the Holy Spirit to let the name or attribute He wants you to focus on this week to JUMP OUT AT YOU.  I find it totally amazing that this really does happen just like that!  This past week I asked the Holy Spirit what He wanted me to focus on.  I was really hoping for Jehovah Jireh because with the economy like it is, I really need some “Provider God” action in my life.  But alas, He was insisting on “Jesus is my SAVIOR”…well, savior could be provider, right?  He could be saving me from financial disaster, right?

Work with me here!  He IS my savior-provider but the point He was hammering home was that HE IS SAVIOR…so all week I explored that in scripture.  I wrote down the verses He led me to through the use of my reference Bible.  On Wednesday it became really apparent that I needed to pray with the mom of one of my “C-group” kids.  The young person is really struggling right now and the Holy Spirit directly told me in my quiet time on Thursday morning, following the “youth group” that we have in our home on Wednesdays, to call his mom and offer to meet with her to pray.  So immediately I contacted her.  (I have learned NOT to put it off if I get one of those “I know-to-the-bottom-of-my-toes-the-Holy-Spirit-is-telling-me-this” kind of messages.  He doesn’t really respond well to me when I am slow to obey), so on the phone I went!  We set up our prayer session for Friday morning at 6am at the church.

The plan was going well until I realized, “YIKES!  FRET FREE FRIDAY…how will I intercede when I am not interceding on Fridays but am asking JESUS TO DO IT FOR MY REQUESTS?”  So, back into the prayer closet I crawled.  Oh, how I love that Holy Spirit!  He whispered, “follow my lead…do some FIERCE FRIDAY FIGHTING FIRST…then have FRET FREE FRIDAY”.  So that is what we did.  The precious mom and I spent a couple of hours going before the throne of GRACE and we just waged war on the struggle her son is going through.  When our time was up though, we put the whole mess into an envelope and handed it to Jesus.  Jesus was more than happy to take it from us because guess what?  (Do you remember from the beginning of the article what my adoration focus for the week was?)  YUP, we got to immediately start to praise HIM because HE IS OUR SAVIOR…He is MIGHTY TO SAVE and we can be Overcome by His presence!  Oh, what a sweet realization after laboring in prayer like that!  Even Precious Mom knew her son was safe in the envelope!

I hope you will really try out Fret Free Friday!  The JOY and the PEACE is delicious!!

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